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Top 10 JEM Maple #'s You Need to Know

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Heeeere's ...

  1. 1557 : The year when maple syrup was first discovered ... yup .. its been around that long

  2. 43 : The typical number of gallons of sap needed to make a gallon of maple syrup from most maple harvests

  3. 28: The number of gallons of sap needed from a J.E.M. Estate maple tree to make a gallon of J.E.M. Maple Syrup (our trees are the sweetest!)

  4. 32: Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit at which the sap begins to flow in the spring (that's 0 degrees Celsius for our int'l friends)

  5. 42: The number of days the average maple harvest season lasts

  6. 54: Number of antioxidants found in J.E.M. Maple Syrup!

  7. 218: Temperature in Fahrenheit when the boiled sap becomes J.E.M. Maple Syrup

  8. 5/16: The diameter of the hole we drill in a J.E.M. Estate maple tree to extract the sap (28.5% smaller than the traditional 7/16 holes that used to be drilled not that long ago!)

  9. 3/4: of a cup replaces 1 cup of white, over processed cane sugar

  10. 80: years old is the average age of the J.E.M. Estate's Maple Tree Forest

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