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JEM Maple X Brasswood

Updated: May 18, 2021

2016 Cabernet Franc Cask Project


Close your eyes and envision the lush, wild refuge of the Eden Notch Estate,

listen to the steady streams of the Missisquoi River and dig into the glacier deposited lime-rich soil that has nourished our Eden Notch Maples for more than 15,000 years.

From forest to table, JEM Maple syrup's refined 'minerality' and unprocessed sweetness is the quintessential taste of Vermont.

Now, take a mental cross-country trip to the northern California coast.

Come about an hour inland to fertile Napa Valley and be introduced, if you aren't already in the know, to Coombsville AVA and Brasswood Esate's first vineyard. Roughly ten acres, this vineyard boasts unparalleled soil quality (volcanic sediments with alluvial rocky soils on top) and a microclimate with a long, cool growing season.

Coombsville is Napa's best kept secret, producing California's best Cabernet varieties.

Imagine two of nature's purist nectars coming together...


We are excited to announce a single barrel aging of JEM Maple's Eden Notch Estate Syrup with Brasswood Cellars' Coombsville Vineyard Cabernet Franc.

By aging our distinctive, wild-crafted First Harvest 2020 vintage in a French oak cask used by Brasswood to age the 2016 Cabernet, the flavors and tones of Vermont and California infuse in a natural process to produce a unique, terroir-driven experience.

"The Cask"

Most French oak used for barrels comes from the trees of one of five forests (some of which were originally planted during Napoleonic times for shipbuilding). Mostly located in central France, these forests are Allier, Limousin, Nevers, Tronçais and Vosges, and each is considered to have distinctive characteristics. Aging in oak lends naturally pleasing flavor notes and aromas of baking spices such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla to wines (and now syrup!). Sometimes the oak is even charred to create a smokey flavor and tone. We will be working directly with Angelina Mondavi, Brasswood Estate's consultant winemaker and a leader in the new generation of winemakers of Napa Valley, to assess these types of variations as well as overall tasting notes of our final product. Involving Angelina in this process is an essential part of what makes this endeavor exceptional. Originally filled to age Brasswood Estate's 2016 Reserve Cabernet Franc for three years, the fruit of this cask was expertly developed and tasted by Angelina in 2018. Her relationship with this specific oak barrel is one-of-a-kind and to say we are excited to leverage Angelina Mondavi's expert knowledge to help us craft the final outcome to this project is an understatement.

Now, for the alchemy!

In late January, we filled the cask with 55 gallons of our pristine maple syrup.

Working closely with Brasswood's team of expert sommeliers,

we will determine the exact right time to open the cask.

Anticipating some slight evaporation or what is called an "angel's share",

we expect to produce only a few hundred bottles of this incredible syrup.

Out of a deep-seated tradition,

we are excited to bring you something totally new.

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