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It's almost harvest time!

This is the month before things really get wild.

At our elevation, the weather in the Northeast Kingdom during the day is still well below freezing, therefore our sap isn't running yet but by the end of the February, we start seeing some "weeping" (as shown below) and parts of southern Vermont and other areas of New England may start to see their sap begin to flow.


Meanwhile, wildlife on the Estate is doing well and thriving.

Despite the extra work from chewed lines and equipment, we are thrilled to witness the residents of the Eden Notch Esate during what has been the coldest month of this winter. We have had many days in the NEK well below zero and experienced a heavy, mid-February snowstorm. These factors make trekking through our forest intense, to say the least. So, when we find deer beds in the snow while out tapping and checking lines, these signs of life are just as uplifting and encouraging as the first crocuses of spring - maybe even more!

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