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Full-Bodied, Powerful, Robust, Dark


Towards the end of the season, just before the trees start to bloom, is the critical "Late Harvest". The timing of this harvest is always difficult to judge and requires constant vigilance and monitoring of the weather, the soil and of course the Eden Notch Maple trees. It is this final harvest which produces the rich, robust, and full-bodied syrup.   This JEM Reserve Maple Syrup is packed with antioxidants and minerals and has a distinctly strong Late Harvest maple flavor.

HARVEST: 2020 - 2022

STAND: Eden Notch

VOLUME: 375ml




Light-Bodied, Smooth, Refined, Delicate

The "First Harvest" typically occurs in late February or early March at the Eden Notch Forest and lasts only a few days. Even though the snow is still very deep, the Eden Notch Maple is starting to stir and wake up from its long winter hibernation. The sap is particularly sweet as it begins the journey from the tree's roots up to its branches collecting the natural sugars and nutrients along the way.

HARVEST: 2020 - 2022

STAND: Eden Notch

VOLUME: 375ml


We seek to express the essence of the terroir in our syrups, capturing the unique personality and flavor profile of the Eden Notch Estate by integrating traditional wisdom with modern, sustainable techniques. 

During our maple harvesting season, the creation process of JEM Maple Syrup is as critical as the terroir from which the Eden Notch Sugar Maple sap originates. Maple syrup has been around for centuries, originating in the Native American community.




Crisp, Flavorful, Bright, Rich


During the middle portion of the harvest, the syrup we make is neither exceptionally light nor very dark like it is at First and Late harvest times.  Because of this, we call the syrup produced at this point in the season our “Seasonal Blend”.  It is a unique combination of both early and late harvest flavors and colors, producing a syrup which is crisp and flavorful.  It will vary in final taste depending on the different influences such as temperature, snow cover, amount of sun and length of time this part of the harvest extends.  It is truly a special blended artisan crafted syrup.

HARVEST: 2020 - 2022

VOLUME: 375ml

First Haravest
Seasonal Blend
Late Harvest
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