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Morning Coffee with a Cup of Kale

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

One of the stark realities in a post pandemic era is going to be discovering healthier lifestyles – exercise, diet, hygiene, etc. We know a balanced diet, which includes limiting our sugar intake, is one of the keys to achieving a

healthy diet.

But let’s face reality, eliminating sugar completely is hard and unrealistic in most of our lifestyles. The question now becomes, how do we make better choices around the sugar we consume? All sugars are not created equal, and as you’d expect, those produced naturally, organically, and with no refinement (i.e. processed) are the ones that rise to the top of the “healthy sugars” list.

We take great pride in our Maple Syrup leading that list of healthy sugars, and we are often asked about the “why” is it healthier? We know there is significant scientific research happening now around maple nutrition, that quite honestly has only really begun over the past decade. This research is leading to great new discoveries in the health benefits of pure, organic Maple Syrup. We’d like to share with you our “simplified and poetic” version on exactly why Maple contains such nutritious value.

We start with the living organism – the Eden Notch Maple Tree – a majestic Acer class of tree that thrives in the Eden Notch Estate within the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Each spring, we “tap” these select trees by drilling a 5/16” diameter hole that is just over 1” deep into the outer tissue layer of the tree. This would be the equivalent of you getting a small cut on your arm. As a living organism, your immune system springs into action sending a “healing cocktail” to the site of the wound. The Eden Notch Maple tree reacts in the exact same way. Elements of this “healing cocktail” are captured in the maple sap collected from the tree that is then boiled down to make our Estate Maple Syrups. Here’s the fun part, that boiling process takes over 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of Estate Maple Syrup. This means the Estate Maple Syrup we consume is HIGHLY concentrated with the “healing cocktail” produced by the Eden Maple Tree (our fellow living organism).

If we turn to the more “Scientific” description, here’s what the research has found about what is contained within JEM Estate Maple Syrup:

  • More Antioxidants (67 of them no less) to fight off pesky free radicals in your body

  • More Prebiotics which helps keep your immune system in check and fights inflammation

  • More Vitamins & Minerals – in fact, just 2 tablespoons of our Estate Maple Syrup provide >35% of the recommended daily value of Manganese – that’s more than one cup of nutritious Kale!

Lastly – our Estate Maple Syrup has a lower glycemic index versus processed white table sugar (54 v. 65). With a high index, like the 65 you get with processed table sugar, your blood sugar spikes and then quickly drops off. A lower number (such as 54 with our JEM Estate Maple Syrup) reduces the triggers for cravings.

So as you consider your lifestyle changes in this hopefully post-pandemic era, you might just want to use our JEM Estate Maple Syrup with your morning coffee and check the box on the cup of kale!

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